Environmental protection


The environment is our most important asset. Resource-conserving handling and climate-neutral production are standard for us.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Up to 100% recycling.

We pay attention to resource-saving handling of materials and energy, as well as climate-neutral production. Our goal is to establish brochures as the most sustainable advertising medium in the entire marketing industry. With our various offerings of certified papers, you can bring your brochures in line with your sustainable business strategy. We are always available to advise you.

Sustainable forest management.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) stands above all for sustainable forest management with high ecological and social criteria. The “FSC 100%” and “FSC Mix” labels therefore distinguish papers that consist entirely or predominantly of fresh fibers, in contrast to the Blue Angel. Only “FSC Recycled” paper consists of 100 percent recycled fibers. However, these can be 100 percent bright white and unprinted recycled fibers (e.g., industrial cutting scraps) that do not require extensive processing.

(Exemplary logos of the certifications ADAM NG GmbH)

100% recycled paper.

The Blue Angel stands for 100% waste paper use, which contributes to the conservation of important forest resources. The waste paper must consist of at least 65 percent lower and medium grades. This is because the multiple use of paper fibers is a decisive factor in resource conservation. Compared to fresh fiber paper, the production of recycled paper saves about 70 percent water and about 60 percent energy. In addition, the use of chlorine, optical brighteners, halogenated bleachers and other chemicals that are hazardous to health are prohibited in the processing of recovered paper. Blue Angel papers meet applicable standards for serviceability and aging resistance.

(Exemplary logo of the certifications WALCKER NG GmbH)

Climate protection

Climate-neutral production.

Our goal in all business areas is to be as climate-friendly as possible. For many years now, we have been offsetting the CO2 footprint of your print products through various projects after consultation.

Energy balance - what do we do ourselves?

Solar, Heat Exchanger, E-Mobility.

In addition to our own e-charging stations in the parking lot, we in Isny already generate the energy required by the administration from 100% solar energy. We are constantly working to reduce the amount of energy required.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.